So you’ve decided to join the Superbad Alliance? Great news! The game is great, but it’s even better with teammates and friends! 🙂

But there are some rules…

When you join an alliance, we suppose it’s because you want to play in a team. So do so, and participate! In Alliance quests, in Alliance events, and wars contribute if you can, and be present.

  1. Be online. If you’re off for more than 7 days without notice, we’ll have to assume you stopped playing (how is that even possible!? ;)) and we’ll have to remove you to free up space for other players
  2. If you’re online but do neither pull your weight in quests nor events nor wars, why be in the alliance, and we might feel you try to take advantage of the other players and we’ll have to remove you too. But don’t worry, we understand everyone has busy lives. So we only expect you to pull your weight in at least 2 quests and 6 events each month. Wars are a bonus.
  3. If we require funds, we’ll announce it. It won’t ever be too much, and even if it means you can’t have as many upgrades right away, you will see the rewards in the quests and events. If you feel our demands to be unfair, you may tell us in the alliance chat, and if indeed they are unfair, we will adapt. Otherwise you are free to leave for another alliance…
  4. When you participate in quests, please try and avoid wasting your resources. If you are unsure how you can help, ask! If you don’t want to pull your weight efficiently, we might have to reconsider setting you free as well, as seats on each quest are limited.
  5. If you decide to participate in Alliance quests or wars, we expect you to contribute champs that are classified to be at least 900 points! Otherwise, keep practising!

Wow, 5 full points! That may seem like a lot, but all in all, I believe this will improve gameplay within our alliance for everyone! So go back to the game and have fun becoming the best summoner yet!